New national retail association appoints female CEO

By James Wells

CANBERRA: The Australian National Retailers Association (ANRA), a newly-formed Canberra-based group specifically designed to represent large retailers with a national presence, has appointed Margy Osmond as its inaugural chief executive officer.

Osmond, will leave her current position as the chief executive of the Sydney Chamber of Commerce which she has held for five years, to take up the role at the end of August.

Before joining the Chamber, Osmond spent 10 year on Ministerial staffs in New South Wales as well as in policy and media relations for the public sector.

According to a statement released today, ANRA has been established to represent the interests of the national retail sector in its engagement with governments, the media and community for the betterment of Australian consumers.

Osmond said she looked forward to the challenge of establishing a profile for the organization and the industry which is the largest employing sector of the economy and a key indicator of the nation’s economic health.

“The retail sector is keen to participate in relevant policy development and help maintain a retail environment in which consumers enjoy the benefits of competition, choice, range, convenience and innovation,” Osmond said.

“Retail is a sector that touches just about everyone – we are the largest employing sector in the country and for many young people, it is their first experience in the workforce. This is an exciting and vibrant industry which I look forward, with great enthusiasm, to leading.”

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