Electrolux hints at further price increases

By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: At the Electrolux Home Products (EHP) launch for its new Electrolux E:Line and E:Pro cooking ranges in Sydney today, managing director, Trevor Carroll confirmed further price increases may be possible, following the continued rise in the price of oil.

EHP recently increased the price of its side-by-side refrigerator range by as much as five per cent and also increased the price of its freestanding cooking range.

According to Carroll, the price of oil had indeed been a major driving factor behind the price increases, but he insisted only products which are affected by the cost of raw materials would be affected.

“There will probably be further price increases on products which reflect increases in the cost of materials, largely driven by oil prices, which affect plastics and the like,” Carroll told current.com.au.

“The [E:Line and E:Pro] products are priced in the upper end of the market, so they do incorporate some price increase over earlier models.”

With lower cost sourcing on the increase through the introduction of Chinese importers and a continued supply from Eastern Europe, a potential price rise may be increasingly significant.

“There is no question – lower and lower cost sourcing is with us whether we like it or not, and while China is not yet very strong in the oven game, I am sure they’re coming,” said Electrolux director – cooking and dishcare, John Brown.


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