Panasonic to commence LCD production in Russia

By James Wells

TOKYO, Japan: Panasonic’s parent company, Matsushita Electric, has announced it will begin liquid crystal display (LCD) television assembly in Russia from September.

According to Panasonic Australia consumer electronics group director, Paul Reid, the Russian LCDs will not be sold on the Australian market.

“At this point in time the Panasonic LCD televisions to be assembled in Russia are intended for sale only in the local Russian market. Panasonic LCD TVs [sold in Australia] are sourced from Panasonic manufacturing facilities in Japan, China and Taiwan,” he told

Capacity at the Russian manufacturing plant will be 50,000 units by March 2007 and 250,000 units for the subsequent 12 month period.

According to a Reuters report, Matsushita has also announced plans to open plasma television assembly in Brazil, which will commence this weekend. The assembly plant, which is located in an old Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) manufacturing facility, is expected to make 10,000 units per year.

“Robust demand for flat-panel TV demand is expected in the so-called BRIC market comprising Brazil, Russia, India and China in coming years as their growing economies will likely prompt people to trade in bulky tube TVs for flat-screen models,” the Reuters report said.

“Matsushita said earlier this month that it aimed to boost its flat-panel TV sales by 70 percent to 1 trillion yen ($8.6 billion) as part of its midterm growth strategy.”

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