Dimplex seeks to eradicate patent cheats

By James Wells

SYDNEY: Hagemeyer Brands Australia, the local distributors of Dimplex seasonal products, has announced a campaign to assist Glen Dimplex remove heaters from the local market which infringe the company’s globally registered patents.

Dimplex marketing manager, Adam Tacey, told current.com.au that several retailers are being approached by importers to sell products which may infringe the company’s intellectual property on its Flame Effect electric heaters.

“With all of the new entrants in the marketplace, Glen Dimplex is having a closer look at the products which have reached the Australian market. We are merely representing the interests of Glen Dimplex in Australia who owns the patents to the Flame Effect technology globally.

“Glen Dimplex has invested a lot of time and money ensuring a quality, realistic flame effect. Retailers should speak to their sales representative about which products may be infringing. Our overseas principles have stated the patents in Australia are among the strongest anywhere.”

The technology with Flame Effect is world-leading and they want to protect their investment,” Tacey said.

According to Glen Dimplex, its Optiflame technology is covered by patents in Australia.

“The main item for retailers to look out for is the rear diffuser screen,” said Tacey.

"If there are signs of a deliberate reflection in the rear viewing screen and if you can see the fuel bed reflected it’s probably a patent infringement to the basic optiflame patent.

“Also a wall mounted unit using heat blowing down and the use of a rotisserie with one side removable will infringe any of the SP Xpressions range,” he said.

”With reference to the stoves, retailers should look for design infringement. Copies of the Dimplex stove-style heaters seem to be the most common type of unit entering the market with potential patent infringement.”

Last month Dimplex North America was awarded $US12.4 million following a jury’s decision that Dimplex patents were infringed by CFM Corporation and that the company had willfully infringed Dimplex’s patents by manufacturing and selling electric fireplaces and stoves that use Dimplex’s patented technology.

In a separate matter, Dimplex settled a similar patent infringement action a year earlier against Twin Star International.The Press releases for Dimplex North America’s most recent Patent Enforcement results, is posted on the Dimplex Australia website, latest news column (www.dimplex-australia.com).

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