Teac Australia pushes for LCD identity

By Staff Writer

MELBOURNE: Teac Australia has introduced its most extensive range of LCD televisions ever to be introduced on the Australian market, including five models ranging in price from RRP $999 for a 20 inch model to RRP $3,999 for a 42 inch model.

The new Teac Identity Series of LCD televisions is also the first range Teac Australia has launched as a fully owned subsidiary of Teac Corporation in Japan and are designed to reflect the style of those currently featured on the European market with metallic outer finishes and rounded corners.  

Touch Sensor controls offer an alternative convenient means of operating each LCD television other than by the remote control.

All widescreen models in the Identity Series feature Digital Luminance and Chroma Transient improvement (DLTI/DCTI), which aims to ensure fine tuning, sharper images and provide more control of the final image quality while Flesh Tone Correction (FTC) maps skin tone to accurate flesh tone values.

The widescreen Identity models also boast a 8ms quick response time, creating a smoother image on moving pictures.

According to the company, features such as 1366×768 high resolution and super high contrast mean high definition pictures are perfectly reproduced with an improved displaying effect of image details. Select Identity models feature native HD pixel count of 1920×1080.

A broad viewing angle (more than 176 degrees) and brightness ranging from 450-550cd/m² enhances the TV’s adaptability to the surrounding environment.

To help create the ultimate home theatre experience, each widescreen model in the Teac Identity Series has HDMI with HDCP.

The recommended retail prices for the Series range from $999 for the 20 inch LCD2033A to $3,999 for the 42 inch LCD4235A.

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