Bing Lee secures Sony Central Chatswood

By James Wells

SYDNEY: Bing Lee announced today it has purchased the Sony Chatswood store and will look to open additional Sony stores in Sydney and Canberra.

The Chatswood Sony Central, store which was opened and operated by the Rose family in various formats for over 20 years, was sold following a decision by the family to retire from the industry.

Company director Lionel Lee told that the sale was completed late last month after the Rose family made an approach to the Narta retailer after Bing Lee opened the Sony Central store at World Square in Sydney’s CBD late last year.

Lee said he has plans to open up to five stores in New South Wales as well as a Sony Central store in Canberra once a suitable site is located.

"We will be looking at metropolitan and regional locations in New South Wales – the demand for Sony is not restricted to the city," Lee told

"Sydney can hold four or five Sony Central stores and we would like to open a store in Canberra in the near future. Sony is a leading brand and we look forward to strengthening our already strong relationship."

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