Hagemeyer wins distribution for mStation audio products

By James Wells

SYDNEY: Hagemeyer has been appointed the exclusive distributor of mStation audio products, which are specifically designed to complement Apple iPods and competing mp3 players.

Hagemeyer will sell two versions of the Orb 2.1 sound system in white and black as well as the Tower system, which is designed for a living room.

“There are a lot of speaker systems on the market, but there are very few in the price range we are talking about that has the features of this model,” said Hagemeyer marketing manager, Adam Tacey.

“The big difference between this product and a lot of the others on the market is that a lot of them don’t have sub woofers.”

The lightweight Orb 2.1 sound system features an integrated sub woofer and a remote control incorporating bass and treble controls.

The Orb 2.1 is Apple-endorsed and works with all mp3 players as well as notebooks and portable compact disc players. Both models come with six adaptors for all different iPods and connections, and they also charge the iPod when it is docked.

The Tower also features a 2.1 stereo system with subwoofer – made specifically for use with iPods through cradle or connector, it also features on board controls for standby/mute, volume, next song, last song and play/pause.

“The Tower is an attractive piece of furniture which is actually a very powerful sound system and will be marketed mainly to males aged from 24 to 40,” Tacey said.

Both the Orb (RRP $249) and the Tower (RRP $549) will be exclusively sold by the account management team within Hagemeyer Brands Australia.

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