Philips releases digital photo frame

By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Following the rapid adoption of digital photography, Philips Consumer Electronics Australia has released the Digital Photo Display to Australian retailers – an innovative device which allows consumers to view digital images in a conventional photo-frame format.

Research conducted by Philips found that despite the popularity of digital photography, only 20 per cent of pictures taken are ever transferred to hard copy, with the vast majority of images archived on PC.

The Digital Photo Display (RRP $439) is a 16.5cm, high definition, 720 x 480 pixel LCD screen disguised inside a smart grey-edged photo frame with a transparent border.

Images are displayed on the device in either portrait or landscape mode individually, as thumbnails or as a slideshow.

Depending on the file size, the Digital Photo Display is able to store 50 to 80 jpeg images accessed via a compact flash memory card, MemoryStick, MMC, SD Card or direct from the USB port of a PC or digital camera.

Alternatively a memory card can be kept inside the device to increase the number of images on display.

The Digital Photo Display can also be set on a timer mode to turn on and off at the user’s discretion. An internal battery can be charged and will allow up to 50 minutes remote operation.

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