Panasonic launches first HDTV range

By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Panasonic Australia has introduced its first range of high definition digital integrated LCD TVs after winning the support of Panasonic Japan to develop two models exclusively for the Australian market.

According to Panasonic manager, Ritchie Djamhur, the new 32-inch (RRP $3,899) and 27-inch (RRP $3,099) HD integrated LCDs were developed in close consultation between Panasonic Australia and its Japanese parent to be ready as soon as possible for the Australian market.

“We are pushing as hard as possible to get products based on where we see the market heading, and we’re pleased to have this out now,” he said.

Although a new range of Viera-branded LCD TVs will be launched in 2006, the company identified an immediate need for an HDTV product in its portfolio and pushed ahead with these new models, which will not bare the Viera badge.

“Viera is a global series of TVs, but these new Panasonic-branded models are outside of their standard production schedule – we’ve taken the initiative in Australia to get this launched here because we identified the need for it,” said Djamhur.

With around one million households now tuning in to digital TV broadcasts, Djamhur believes the digital TV market is gaining momentum and consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of high definition digital TV.

“There seems to be more of a ground swell now than there was previously towards digital TV and I think that momentum will continue to grow, which presents a lot of good opportunities,” he said.

The new LCD TVs feature high resolution panels (1366×768), HDMI input, an SD card slot and picture in picture.

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