Dyson wins suction battle over LG

By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Dyson has successfully defended its claim to have the only vacuum on the market with ‘No Loss of Suction’ after proving LG’s Cyking 4 DynaClean vacuum does indeed lose suction with use.

LG released the V-KC402CTU Cyking 4 DynaClean vacuum in mid-2005, claiming the machine did not lose suction and that the constant suction power was greater than that of a competitor that employed a cyclone cleaning system – Dyson. In response to this claim, Dyson filed a successful court action in the Federal Court against the claims, causing LG to suggest incorrect pre-motor air filters were responsible for the suction loss as the dust container filled.

“LG has recently discovered that this model was fitted with incorrect pre-motor air filters, which resulted in the cleaner experiencing a reduction in suction power as the dust container filled up,” a statement from LG said.

As a result, LG has removed the Cyking 4 DynaClean from shelves, along with all brochures and POS material and must display 10cm² correction notices in all the major daily newspapers.

“LG is currently sourcing the correct pre-motor air filters and expects to have the V-KC402CTU Cyking vacuum cleaner returned to market shortly,” the company said.

LG are yet to announce when the product will be re-launched into the Australian market, or whether the model will again be advertised with ‘No Loss of Suction’, once the new filters are fitted.

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