Daily deals sites recall iPhone 5 cables due to fire risk

By Claire Reilly

The ACCC has issued a recall for two iPhone 5-compatible lightning cables due to an issue with the USB connection and the potential for the product to cause a fire hazard. The ACCC has confirmed that the cables were produced by a third-party manufacturer, not Apple, and that the recall does not affect legitimate Apple-branded cables.

The two products affected by the recall are a white iPhone 5 Lightning Cables with USB5-3 connection and Apple Lightning connection, sold in one-metre and three-metre lengths with the model number N30506.

Both cables were sold through online daily deals websites Catchoftheday.com.au and Scoopon.com.au between 14 December 2012 and 2 May 2013.

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The cables have been recalled due to a manufacturing defect that “causes failure of the cable’s USB connection”.

“If the defect occurs, it causes overheating and melting of the USB connection’s plastic housing and poses a fire hazard to consumers,” the ACCC recall read.

Consumers are advised to “immediately cease using the cable and dispose of the product (in bin or via e-waste recycling).

“Consumers will be contacted via email in order to organise for a refund or an alternative remedy," the ACCC recall noted.

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