Kambrook’s Christmas collection: food prep, novelty and a new category

By Claire Reilly

Kambrook has unveiled the new additions to its Christmas range for 2012, with expansions in the food prep and novelty categories, as well as a new toaster, kettles, soup maker and steam station.

In food prep, the small appliance brand has three new food processors, including the Essentials Direct Drive model (RRP $79.95) and the Speed Chute Food Processor (RRP $59.95) which has a feed tube on the side to process directly into a bowl.

Also in this vein is the Speed Serve Food Processor (RRP $69.95), which is designed to be used on the bench top or for hand-held processing, and features 4 colour-coded circular blades for grating, slicing, shredding and mashing.

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In the novelty category, Kambrook will retain 6 products in the Little Chefs range – all priced at RRP $34.95 – including the Sunny Hunny Waffle Maker, Angel Cakes Cupcake Maker, Sizzle Snacks Mini-Burger Maker, Shimmy Shake Milkshake Maker, Snowy Flakes Ice Shaver and Flutter Butter Popcorn Maker.

Adding to this will be the Cake Pops Mini cakes on a stick, for making American-style cake lollipops (RRP $39.95) and the Soft Scoops Ice Cream Maker (RRP $49.95) which can make soft-serve ice cream in as little as 7 minutes.

Kambrook is extending its range of toasters and kettles to stay up to date with the trend for colour, adding a red Profile 4 Slice Toaster (RRP $69.965) and Profile Stainless Kettle (RRP $49.95), as well as a White Dome Kettle (RRP $49.95).

Finally, the brand is entering the soup maker and steam station categories with the Soup Simple Soup Maker (RRP $99.95) and the SteamStation Pro Steam System, which is competitively priced at RRP $99.95.

Kambrook's Speed Serve Food Processor (RRP $69.95).

The Speed Chute Food Processor (RRP $69.95).

The Soft Scoops Ice Cream Maker (RRP $49.95).

The SteamStation Pro Steam System (RRP $99.95) is Kambrook's entry into the category.


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