Samsung denies (sort of) the bizarre Wake Up campaign against Apple

By Patrick Avenell

Samsung Electronics Australia has this afternoon (Monday 30 April 2012) issued a carefully worded statement that essentially denies any involvement in the bizarre Wake Up guerilla campaign that has emerged over the last fortnight.

The statement in full, attributed to corporate marketing director Arno Lenier:

“It's great to know we're front of mind with parts of the media as well as a good few bloggers when it comes to discussing campaigns like 'Wake Up'. As a market leader in smartphones we think Australians have already woken up to the multitude of choices available, but kudos to whoever is behind the campaign – clearly it's captured significant attention in the market and we are as keen as everyone else to discover who is behind it. As ever, we look forward to providing all Samsung fans (and potential recruits) with even more freedom of choice in the future through our innovative range of smartphone devices.”

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Whilst not a flat-out denial, it is clear from this statement that the chances of Samsung being behind the campaign are now virtually nil. A convincing argument for Research In Motion, manufacturer of BlackBerry devices, being responsible, has been proposed by Macworld.

This reporter has received anonymous correspondence from the PR company conducting this campaign, a scan of which is here:

In addition to sending creepy letters to journalists, the campaigners have also staged a protest at the Apple Retail Store in Sydney. In a case of amazing serendipity, popular blogger Nate "Blunty" Burr just happened to be there at the time, and captured this video:

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