PMA goes Gaga for Polaroid, Rosy for JVC

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW/: It was hard for Hagemeyer brand manager Susan Rogic to keep a Poker Face at PMA today, with the local distributor happy that the association is much more a Love Game than a Bad Romance.

With Lady Gaga now on board as Polaroid’s brand ambassador and style guide, Rogic predicts the famous name can again be the brand of choice for amateur Paparazzi, with the conference today simply being the Edge of Glory.

Polaroid showcased three new Lady Gaga inspired products from its Grey Label range of digital imaging units. The first to be released is the GL10 printer, which can receive images via Bluetooth and then print them out at a size similar to a playing card. tried this out on the Polaroid stand, with an original-size image from our 5-megapixel BlackBerry Torch sending and printing in around two minutes.

The GL10 is RRP $199, with packs of 30 prints at RRP $29.

Two more products are expected in the Grey Label range in early 2012: the GL20 camera glasses and the GL30 instant digital camera.

The GL20 is as unique as the popstar herself: a still and video camera built in to sunglasses, with the user able to playback content on LCD screens inside the lens. The GL30 is a funky throwback to the original Polaroid cameras, with instant printing and SD card storage.

Also at the Hagemeyer stand was JVC’s latest range, including its new 3D Everio camcorders. understands that JVC brand ambassador Ruby Rose will be at the JVC PMA stand tomorrow (Friday 24 June 2011) from around 11am.

The Polaroid GL10 photo printer (front left), GL20 glasses (back) and GL30 instant digital camera (front right)

Susan Rogic, brand manager for JVC and Polaroid, with a rose (in honour of Ruby Rose).

JVC's new Full HD 3D Everio camcorder.

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